Get married in Italy

Do you have a wish? Your desire is to get married in Italy, in the Tuscany countryside, under the sun of a lazy afternoon, arriving with an antique Italian spider car, tasting amazing food and Chianti wine, or in a romantic villa facing the Lake of Como and Garda with the moon reflected in the water, bubbles in your flûte and jazzy music as a surrounding, or elegant in one of our medieval castles, silk, silver and candles all over for a magical atmosphere, or in summer time in the amazing landscape of the Sorrento coast, for a sparkling and animated day with a touch of antique Italian tradition? Tell us and we will help make your wish become true. We will follow you from the beginning, making sure that everyone will remember this experience, whether you chose religious or civil wedding, supporting you with all documents needed, booking church and locations, choosing caterers able to provide a taste of a traditional Italian food and wine, or choosing an international menu upon on you request, to meet your needs and follow your traditions. Decorations, flowers, table set at the hotel, wedding cakes and flavors, we will arrange reservations at the hotel and transfer for your guest from smallest group of relatives to all your friends, for the whole duration of the journey. We are based and located in Italy but you will be able to deal directly with us in English, we can provide all the translation services you will need, and you will follow the planning with our updated mails informations and contact us on Skype, we will be present the day of the event making sure everything we have planed becomes reality, allowing you to enjoy your wedding with the best smile on your face. Contact us to book an appointment and to have more information about what we can offer you.