Once you decided the day, we will assist you choosing the church where to celebrate your wedding, location for your reception amongs villas, antique residences, country farms and castles, the one that better suites the style you decided your day should have, transforming the dream in reality.
Silk, flowers, porcelain, silverware, crystal, candles, suitable to your taste, following flavours and colours of the season we will suggest flower arrangement and better design sets, minimal and modern, or elegant and classic, country and natural, or chic and glamour. We will guide you between the best catering services, avoiding long research, planning delicious menus combined to refined wine, with a chocolate fountain, sweets, marzipan, and ending with a classical wedding cake or a marvellous icing cake.
To amaze and induce your guest to culinary delights we can arrange a very sweet ‘confettata’, a table masterfully decorated with all types and flavours of confetti. Knowing how important music atmosphere is, we will arrange a classical quartet for the church, best djs able to direct everyone to the dance floor, final fireworks for a day to remember with photos and video; forever in your memory.
Invite all your relatives, and friends and also the ones who live far away, we will take care about transfer and accommodation, cuddle them the day after your wedding with a lazy brunch, making sure kids are entertained with fun activity activities while your are enjoying your first day of husband and wife.
Contact us to book an appointment and to have more information about what we can offer you.